Understanding The Role and Responsibilities of A Parent

One parent is frequently obliged to give the other a certain monthly payment in order to assist with the child’s basic requirements when parents separate or divorce. These are defined by law as some educational costs in addition to housing, food, clothes, and other requirements. The custodial parent may grant the other parent’s request for child support, or the court may issue an order that is binding on both parties. Unless specific arrangements are made for the payments to continue for a longer period of time, this will typically extend until the child turns 18 years old.

All parties involved may find the procedure much simpler and less stressful if they work with a competent child support attorney in Dallas. These attorneys have expertise with family-related matters and are well-versed in Texas child support laws, including how to calculate appropriate payments based on each parent’s net monthly income. They also assist in the enforcement and modification of current agreements, as well as child custody and visitation. If you are looking for an experienced Child Support Attorney, visit https://www.thedivorcelawyersdallas.com/child-support/ for guidance and Free Consultation!

Connatser Family Law’s lawyers handle divorce, child support, and custody cases with a results-driven, problem-solving methodology for clients all around the Dallas region. Founder Aubrey Connaster has worked with several Texas child counselors as an attorney ad litem and has a wealth of knowledge in alternative dispute resolution. She is capable of managing child support cases in court and through mediation, but she also makes a strong effort to keep cases out of court whenever she can.

This multipractice legal business handles criminal and family law cases for clients in Dallas and the neighboring towns. It assists in matters pertaining to property partition, spousal support, and divorce. Two attorneys with expertise in divorce, child custody, and child support are part of the firm’s staff. The firm was established in 2010 and provides free consultations to both men and women.

Garza Law Firm LLLP is a professional practice that concentrates on family law and civil litigation. Its staff helps with situations including paternity, child custody, and divorce. The firm also manages mediation and appeals. Marc P. Garza, a partner, has over thirty years of legal experience.

The Law Offices of Brett Stalcup is another multi-practice legal business that provides services to families and individuals in the Dallas area. Its staff offers support for paternity rights, child support, custody and visitation, divorce, and order changes. Founder Brett Stalcup handles estate planning, real estate, criminal defense, and general civil and corporate litigation.

Whether a mother or father is seeking an order for the first time or has a continuing dispute with a previous or current court-ordered child support payment, Burns Iwuji, PLLC represents both of them in these types of cases. When one of the parents is not paying the required amount of child support, the firm also helps enforce the requirement. This can involve putting liens on bank accounts, garnishing wages, and suspending a driver’s license. The lawyers at this firm also help with stepparent adoptions and concerns pertaining to grandparents’ rights.


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